The Tap Room Nine takes all of the power and groove of the organ trio and garnishes it with six horns. Fully arranged specifically for this unique ensemble, the nine is a controlled yet chaotic overload of everything we love about music.

The Nine:

Dan Reitz, alto sax
Wally Bechtold, tenor sax
Andrew Kammerle, bari sax
Dustin Shirk, trumpet
Marcell Bellinger, trumpet
Larry Toft, trombone
Jason Klinke, guitar
Rob Smith, drums
Dave Mattock, organ/musical director

Jared Wilayto, arranger
Jason Herrmann, arranger

1/29/12 Reunion gig/Recording session

We had our first gig in over two years, and it went great. Band sounded awesome, and we got some awesome material for our upcoming live recording.

  Jason Klinke and Rob Smith 


So the Nine has had it's official reunion. We rehearsed for the first time in two years last week to get ready for our upcoming shows. The band toughed it out in my unfinished studio and managed to get through all of the tunes despite the 50 degree room temperature. Check out the videos from rehearsal to get a sneak preview of what's to come.

Briar Patch rehearsal

Beyond all limits rehearsal