About the album

For our first album, we have decided not to go the traditional route and release a CD. In today's era, CD's are outdated. They lack the physical beauty and the tangible aspects of vinyl, and the convenience of digital files. After many hours of deliberation, we have come up with what we think is a suitable alternative: a usb flashdrive. A flashdrive can be both elegant and convenient, and in our case, serve a second purpose. It allows us to put high fidelity files on it that a CD wouldn't have the capacity to fit, as well as more of them; we crammed an hour and twenty minutes of music onto this thing and still had room to put a beautiful five page digital insert in there as well!

 A few things to note: These are both fully functional flash drives. Feel free to store the album on your computer and use the drive for anything you want. Also, the special edition bottle opener is very sturdy, and we hope that it comes in handy when you are listening to us. Finally, be sure to bring the special edition drive with you to future shows. We are already planning our next two recordings, and anyone who already owns this drive can buy these albums at our shows for discounted prices.