Although the Tap Room has many different forms, from band to composer to recording studio, at heart it's about good people making good music. Sometimes the best music is created when there is no plan, no forethought, just friends hanging out and playing whatever they feel like playing. Fortunately for us, there are a lot of great musicians hanging out around here, and we have the means to record them. They'll show up, hang out for a bit, talk for a while, but inevitably they always end up with their instruments in their hands. These jam sessions are where we get our ideas from, how we perfect the craft that we love so much. It's where musicians can relax, smile, let their guards down and play solely for the sake of the music. When we're lucky, someone remembers to hit the record button, and whenever something particularly good gets put down on tape, we want to share it with the world. Fair warning though, these recordings are off the cuff, jam session style. Mixed in with the creativity energy and beauty of the unknown are mistakes and flaws. In a world of digital recording perfection, many people aren't use to the reality of what music truly sounds like when it's performed in the moment, but here at the Tap Room, it's the chance of total disaster, the naked beauty of imperfect music, that we find the most interesting. This is where the greatest music can be found, and we hope that you enjoy hearingĀ it as much as we enjoy making it.